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Migraine - Diagnosis

60 MIN

Head Start Webinar Series: Migraine and Depression

An Overview of the Comorbidity, Diagnosis, Treatment Strategy and Case Studies

This webinar was recorded live on 09 December 2020, and was organised by Teva UK Limited.

During the second in a series of webinars, Dr David O’Regan discusses the mechanisms that underlie the comorbidity of migraine and depression, and how depression can play a role in worsening migraine.


Dr Katy Munro then went on to examine the different management options available to healthcare professionals for migraine and co-morbid depression.


Dr David O’Regan then presented a clinical case study of a patient who was referred to his sleep clinic from their GP, and who presented with trouble sleeping as well as suffering from migraine with aura.


Dr Katy Munro also presented a case study of a patient whose migraine very quickly transformed from episodic or chronic, and which led to the patient suffering depressive episodes.


The webinar closed with a question and answer session, including some very interesting questions regarding the synergistic management of migraine and depression and how to improve mental health especially during lockdowns enforced by COVID-19.